What makes Office different from other Productivity tools

There are unit heaps of Productivity tools out there within the market, some tools area unit very advanced and a few tools haven’t been on condition that a lot of attention. Productivity tools area unit a neighborhood of our life and to form certain you decide on the correct one we’ll discuss why is Microsoft workplace higher than the other Productivity tool out there.

First things 1st, the Microsoft workplace isn’t simply a productivity tool however may be a Productivity suite, which suggests, it doesn’t simply pack one tool however a full bunch of tools. Microsoft workplace encompasses a set of Applications that ranges from personal tools to skilled tools which are what makes it very totally different.

User interface

Microsoft workplace encompasses a very distinctive and easy-to-use computer program and has very lovely and sleek transitions between functions. the newest computer program, the marginal color, and easy icons and navigation is de facto one thing that you simply would opt for over the opposite flashy ones. The icons utilized in the Microsoft workplace area unit on-point and have very precise locations and also the gap between the icons is nice too. to not mention that Microsoft workplace keeps on change the computer program and makes it higher anytime.


Functionality is a few things that you simply won’t trade over, even for low costs. Microsoft workplace isn’t only for personal users except for individuals from each section of society. though you’re employed for the industry you may realize Microsoft workplace very purposeful for your work.

Easy to find out

One of the most effective things concerning the Microsoft workplace is that it’s straightforward to find out and you are doing not even want any special courses to find out it. though you’re moving from another tool like Open workplace, you may realize Microsoft workplace practicality easy however improved. workplace combined with practicality ad its computer program is de facto wonderful to figure with.


Microsoft workplace isn’t solely accessible for your computer. it’s accessible for each alternative platform that’s accessible nowadays. it’s able to use on a computer, MAC, Smartphones, Tablets and currently integrated over the cloud it makes it very easy to access files anyplace from the planet if you have got a product saved in your cloud.


The office has been around since laptops began to grow associate degreed it’s become an integral part of a computer and sensible device atmosphere. and since the workplace is developed and is that the flagship product of 1 of the largest brands within the world. it’s that trust issue that alternative productivity tools can take heaps of your time to grow.

In Conclusion, Microsoft’s workplace is totally different from the alternative software system attributable to the practicality that it carries and also the computer program makes it even higher. individuals love victimization it attributable to the trust it’s around its customers, The nimbleness of the software system, and also the costs that carry around with it. the workplace may be a nice software system for college kids, Personal usage, Professionals, and business users.

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